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Enzymes Plus provides nutritional support for inflammation, digestion, and a healthy immune system.There are 250 enteric coated tablets per bottle. This is a 60 Day Supply !!!

Two tablets contain the following:

  • Pancreatin - 200mg Pancreatin is a combination of proteolytic enzymes, mainly amylase, trypsin, chymotrypsin, lipase, protease & peptidase. All with activities mimicking the enzymes of your pancreatic juices in digesting carbohydrates, proteins, & fats.

  • Papain - 240mg 2,000 USP: Derived from the green papaya fruit & exhibits similar actions as bromelain.

  • Trypsin -240mg 1:75 Aids protein/amino acid absorption & metabolism.

  • Amylase -50mg 100,000 DU Converts starch into sugar.

  • Rutin - 100mg Known to strengthen the smallest blood vessels & and help prevent hemorrhage from high blood pressure.

  • Bromelain - 240mg 600 GDU Inhibits the formulation of the inflammation-causing chemicals. Reduces the pain and swelling of sports or other traumatic injuries or surgery. Also known to accelerate the healing process.

  • Zinc (Glycinate) - 10mg Experts estimate that over 10,000 enzyme reactions require Zinc. Without adequate Zinc, healing cannot take place.

  • Invertase - 50 mg 600 SU Works to break down sucrose products into glucose and fructose, increasing the assimilation and utilization of sugar.

  • Pepsin - 50mg 3,000 NF Functions to break proteins into smaller pieces called polypeptides.

  • L-Cysteine - 20mg Works together with Zinc and Bromelain against inflammation.

For daily maintenance, take two (2) tablets twice daily. During inflammation flare ups, take three (3) tablets twice daily. For prevention take enzymes prior to physically demanding exercise.

Warning: Adult use only. DO NOT take with Warfarin-based blood thinners. If pregnant or nursing, consult health-care professional.