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Accelerative Learning Technologies


The MindMoves® StudyBuddy. is a quality product, built by Photosonix with state of the art features, and will give many years of service as the user learns to influence their mood, mental state, and level of alertness.


Pulsating light and sound patterns have been used for thousands of years in almost all cultures to evoke emotional responses, from exciting a crowd to assisting in meditation to encouraging sleep. The techniques are part of folk knowledge, and science is just beginning to find out why they work. So as you, your child or your teen begin to use light and sound stimulation you are embarking on a voyage of discovery and exploration.


The StudyBuddy is a very special and unique instrument. It will dramatically improve your child’s ability to sleep and to stay alert. The “StudyBuddy”© combines Light and Sound Technology with an accompanying DVD based learning program designed to help make learning easier and a lot more fun in just 4 easy steps.


This is a learning technology based on scientific research with faith-based values, designed to assist students with learning challenges in achieving their highest potential.


StudyBuddy© is also an aid for assisting students, parents and teachers in developing good habits for getting:

  • a good night’s sleep, an

  • Attentive listening and staying awake in class.

And, an extra bonus;

  • Learn the MindMoves 7 Steps to Memorization.


The auditory portion of the program is designed for anyone over the age of four. Students 9 years and older have benefited greatly from using the entire program.

What you Get:

1 Portable StudyBuddy Light & Sound instrument

with 1 set of high quality Photosonix headphones

1 pair of specially designed open-eyed goggles (for reading and doing homework & computer work)

1 Power cord / AC Adapter

4 AA batteries

2-Disc DVD Tutorial of The MindMoves® StudyBuddy. Click Here for Disc Contents.



DVD Contents

Disc 1.

Introduction to Parents, Teachers and Caregivers

How to use The MindMoves® StudyBuddy

  • Comprehensive product description and control functions

  • Guidance on how to integrate the StudyBuddy with a child’s normal routines

  • EEG Research Light & Sound

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • BenefitsMusic Research

  • How & When to use Hemi-Sync® & The StudyBuddy

  • Recommended Reading, Websites & Resources, Nutrition

  • Warranty and Related Information


Disc 2.

Tutorial For Students

A. Dream your Potential – 12 Steps

The Bible tells us of a rhapsody of return to The Lord through our sleeping hours in Joel 3:1

“…..I will pour out My Spirit… and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your yccccccoung men shall see visions;”

This faith based program encourages self-empowerment through scripture and personal action by practicing 12 practical steps; teaching kids and parents the first and most fundamental step to learning; How to get a good night’s sleep!


This section includes MindMoves® practices for synchronizing the mind-body for distressing, relaxation, and for encouraging alpha waves within 5 minutes.


Students are shown how and when to use the StudyBuddy throughout the DVD.


Experience an inspiring 20 minute Dream Meditation with dolphins and whales and places of extraordinary beauty

Dreamy music scientifically designed by Hemi-Sync® to synchronize the brain, heart and body for peaceful sleep.


B. Awaken your Potential

The Bible reminds us in Proverbs 3:18 that



Learn how to wake-up with the StudyBuddy for a happy, synchronized brain for listening and remembering throughout the day.

C. Brain Wake-ups & Memorization


12 quick and easy steps include MindMoves® practices for tuning-up the brain for learning.


Learn a basic lesson on nutrition for good brain function and emotional balance.


“The MindMoves® 7 Steps To Memorization” © – is designed to be practiced correctly for five days in a row before a test. See your grades in spelling, math and second languages rise to the top!


Practice using the StudyBuddy when waking up, when memorizing, for better listening and better attention during long lectures and on the computer.


Product News and Updates:


When removing glasses take extra care and use both hands to lift the glasses from your head when finished. Note, the connection point that attaches the cable to the face of the glasses (as shown here) can crack and lead to malfunction if not handled gently.



If your child or you have sensitive hearing, auditory processing problems, delayed speech, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) the headphones will be most useful when used in the following manner.


First make sure to check the sound level of the StudyBuddy unit and keep it low for sensitive ears. Turn the unit on to Program 1.

Place the headphones toward the back of the ear and tighten the adjustable gear so the headphones will stay on. Make sure the headphones are not directly over the ear canal and eardrum. This way the child will be able to hear all of the sound in the room and receive the vibrations of the auditory portion of the StudyBuddy. If your child is anywhere from 4 to 8 years old and has sensitive hearing and is not speaking yet, he or she may require an adjustment period. 10 minutes once a day is a good start. Continue this for 4-5 days for a couple of weeks or until they get familiar with the unit. you may increase the time up to 15 minutes, then the full 20 minute session thereafter. Try to make this time fun. Speech therapy, reading stories, practicing the alphabet, learning numbers, flash cards, sign language, working puzzles, quiet play, drawing or computer work will be perfect activities to ensure an enjoyable time.


I have found in my private practice that The StudyBuddy Program 1 actually helps to synchronize the right and left hemispheres of the brain so that individuals with the above challenges can begin to hear words at the same speed that their peers do. If speech delays are present, and if your child has been diagnosed with syndrome X, it is most important to attend to a diet with no sugar and moderate protein, vegetables, minerals, water and enyzmes every 3 hours. A biologically active form of zinc is most effective in assisting the balance of insulin/ glucose metabolism. It also helps in reducing headaches and stomachaches in the ADHD population.


PLEASE DO NOT USE EARBUDS with The StudyBuddy technology, you will not get the same results.