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Awaken Nutrition now has over one year of feedback from loyal Agape customers. Parents report greater ease of administration than with the long list of supplements Agape replaces. Excellent absorption of nutrients has been documented by laboratory testing as well as by improvements in growth rates, language, cognitive function, attention span, and overall health . Even children who were previously taking high quality supplements have enjoyed additional gains after converting to Agape, confirming that the quality and potency of Agape exceed that of other well known supplements.
Many families report that after seeing such a positive response to Agape in their child with autism, they began to take Agape themselves and give it to their other children. Parents have been pleased with their own increase in clarity of thought, memory, and energy and many have noted improvements in their own health problems such as fatigue, arthritis, and gastrointestinal complaints.
Agape was designed with the specific nutritional and metabolic needs of individuals with autism in mind, but is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to achieve peak neurological function. Athletes have also reported exceptional responses including increased endurance, better performance, and a shorter recovery time after workouts and competitions .


Developed by Dr. Cindy Schneider, the Agape’ formula is based on over 16 years of research and clinical experience. Dr. Schneider is the Medical Director of CARE, The Center for Autism Research and Education. Her integrated medical practice is dedicated almost exclusively to individuals with autism, Tourette’s, Asperger’s, and related disorders. Dr. Schneider’s areas of special interest include the metabolic and immune aspects of autism and dietary and nutritional interventions for neurological disorders. She has designed and implemented multiple research studies and collaborated with researchers worldwide. As the mother of three children with autism, Dr. Schneider closely follows new developments in autism research and provides both a medical and personal assessment of current and promising treatment options .



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