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Culturelle® is an all-natural dietary supplement containing Lactobacillus GG. It is clinically proven at major US and European institutions to maintain a healthy intestinal tract and strengthens the body’s natural defenses. Culturelle® is the exclusive brand containing the health promoting benefits of Lactobacillus GG. No other probiotic in the United States contains the powerful strain of Lactobacillus GG.

If you are taking antibiotics, traveling or simply want to promote your health, taking Culturelle® daily will maintain the health promoting “good” bacteria in your intestinal tract. This is important because the intestine are the largest immune organ in the body and promoting their health strengthens your body’s overall natural defenses.

Lactobacillus GG is grown on whey and will contain trace levels (less than 15 parts per million per capsule) of casein and whey, which are proteins found in milk.

Ingredients: inulin (chicory root extract), Lactobacillus GG, gelatin (the capsule).

Culturelle® Benefits**

  • Helps maintain healthy intestinal flora
  • Enhances the body’s natural defenses
  • Assists intestinal functioning Adheres & colonizes intestinal tract
  • Survives in stomach acid and intestinal bile
  • Clinically proven health benefits
  • Helps support the body’s natural resistance
  • Guaranteed at least 10 Billion live active cells in each capsule
  • Manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure highest quality and potency
  • Each capsule double-foil protected against harmful light, air, & moisture
  • No refrigeration necessary – store at room temperature or below

Each package contains 30 capsules with a guarantee of at least 10 billion live active cells per capsule. Studies have established that for maximum beneficial effects of any probiotic, billions of “good” bacteria should be taken in order to colonize the intestinal tract.

At Awaken, we make only one claim, “If you are not satisfied with our product, return it in 30 days for a refund”.



**Statements on this package have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.