Autism Awaken Nutrition


ARI Publication 40 – 2013 Version

25 articles on autism, including studies of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids,
carnitine, neurotransmitters, toxic metals, detoxification, oxidative stress, glutathione, sulfation,
gastrointestinal bacteria, immune system regulation, seizures, and sleep disorders in children and
adults with autism. He has a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering and is Program Chair of Materials
Engineering at ASU, but now focuses his research on autism due to having a daughter with autism.
He is a member of the graduate faculty in Chemistry and Biochemistry at ASU. He also serves as
the President of the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix since 2000, and co-leader of the Scientific
Advisory Committee of the Autism Research Institute.

We thank the many experts who reviewed different sections of this Summary (see list below), and
special thanks to Stephen Edelson and Jane Johnson for reviewing the entire Summary.

  • Tapan Audhya, Ph.D. – Vitamins/Minerals, High-Dose B6/Mg
  • Kelly Barnhill, CN, CCN (Nutritionist) – Healthy Diets
  • Gordon Bell, Ph.D. – Essential Fatty Acids
  • Marvin Boris, M.D. – Immune System Regulation
  • Richard Frye, M.D., Ph.D. – Carnitine; Melatonin; Thyroid; HBOT
  • Jill James, Ph.D. – Methylation/Glutathione/Oxidative Stress
  • Harumi Jyonouchi, Ph.D. – Food Sensitivities, GFCF Diet
  • Rafail Kushak, Ph.D., Dr.Sc. – Digestive Enzymes
  • David Quig, Ph.D. – Gut Treatments -Antifungals, Probiotics; Amino Acids
  • Rosemary Waring, Ph.D. – Sulfation

Additional Reading
Nutritional Supplement Use for Autistic Spectrum Disorder, by Jon B. Pangborn, Ph.D.,
published by Autism Research Institute 2012.


I would like to thank the many ARI doctors, nutritionists, researchers, parents, and others who have
helped provide information on treatments for autism, with special thanks to Jon Pangborn, Ph.D.,
and Tapan Audhya, Ph.D.


This summary is dedicated to the memory of Bernard Rimland, Ph.D., for his pioneering work on
autism research and advocacy, and for inspiring many others to follow in his footsteps. Thank you


I encourage you to support research on new treatments for autism by donating to the Autism
Research Institute at -your donations can make a difference.


Agape is proud to have been involved in this study and mentioned on page 16.>

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