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ARI Publication 40 – 2013 Version

Changes to the 2013 Edition

We have made many updates to this version based on new research, but the general list of
treatments is very similar to the original 2007 Edition (Summary of Biomedical Treatments for

The major changes are more research studies on treatments listed previously, and the addition of
new therapies including:

Carnitine (for mitochondrial support to make energy)
NADH (for oxidative stress/glutathione/methylation)
Ribose (for oxidative stress/glutathione/methylation)
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Also, each section was reviewed by an expert in that area (see Reviewer list above).
Finally, the section on Detoxification has been moved to a separate document, which will be
available from in spring 2013. You can also find more information on this
topic from ACAM (


This summary is not intended as individual medical advice, and people should consult their
physician or nutritionist for how to best treat their individual child. Autism is a spectrum disorder,
and a treatment that helps one individual may not help others. This summary represents the
personal views of James B. Adams, and does not necessarily represent the views of Arizona State
University, Autism Research Institute, Autism Society, or any other organization.

The Autism Research Institute’s mission is to provide scientific information about evidence-based
treatments to parents and professionals. However, ARI does not endorse any specific intervention
described in this summary paper or referred to in other sources.


Agape is proud to have been involved in this study and mentioned on page 16.>

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