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ARI Publication 40 – 2013 Version

Treatment Order

We have listed the various treatments in approximate order of what is typically recommended, but
every child is different, and initial assessment by a physician and/or nutritionist may suggest a
different order. Also, some physicians and nutritionists have their own preferences as to order of
treatment. The key point to remember is to assess the effect of each treatment on each individual,
by careful assessment of behavioral symptoms and through testing if possible.

This Summary includes the following sections:
•  Improve Diet
•  Food Sensitivities
•  GFCF Diet
•  Vitamin/Mineral Supplements
•  High-Dose Vitamin B6 and Magnesium
•  Essential Fatty Acids
•  Gut Treatments
      º  Antifungals
      º  Probiotics
      º  Digestive Enzymes
•  Amino Acids
•  Carnitine
•  Melatonin
•  Thyroid Supplements
•  Sulfation
•  Methylation/Glutathione/Oxidative Stress
•  Immune System Regulation
•  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Finding a Physician

Some of the treatments listed here do not require physician oversight, such as shifting to a healthier
diet or beginning a vitamin/mineral supplement. However, it is helpful to work with a
knowledgeable physician, especially for medical testing and prescription medications. This
Summary is designed to be taken to your physician so you can discuss tests and treatments with
them. A knowledgeable nutritionist can also be very helpful.
There are some clinicians who specialize in treating individuals on the autism spectrum. Some
of them are excellent, some are reasonable, and others are questionable. Several organizations
post lists of clinicians by geographic area, including the Autism Society of America, Autism Speaks,
and MAPS. We recommend asking other parents in your local community to help you find the most
appropriate clinician for your child. In addition, ARI posts a list of questions to ask when
interviewing potential clinicians.


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