Joelle Cuba

Agape Liquid Vitamin is an amazing product! The ingredients are of the highest of …

“Agape Liquid Vitamin is an amazing product! The ingredients are of the highest of quality, it is easily absorbed and it contains all of the important nutrients that I have been searching for in a comprehensive supplement for my son. He has been taking Agape for months now and we have seen great results!”


This product is amazing

“This product is amazing and there costumer service is unbelievably great. I am very impressed and would by from them again in a heartbeat.”


This product is awesome!

Child that has ADHD. He has benefited immensely from this product. Thank you Awaken Nutrition for finally creating a multi with all the vital vitamins and minerals in the right dose for our kids.


Amazing product!!


Agape is giving me my life back!

When I was diagnosed with a couple chronic illnesses, nearly four years ago, I thought I’d never have a good day again. My body and brain were failing me… medical doctors had me try every drug to ease my symptoms, but they only exacerbated them. For three years I was on a gradual decline. “Would I ever have the energy to keep up with my kids?” I often thought to myself. The debilitating pain and crippling fatigue wreaked havoc on my body and mind. There were times when I cried in the shower because I thought I was going to die and never see my babies grow up. Fast forward to June of 2015 — I was compelled to make an appointment with a local chiropractor. I was sick and tired of feeling half dead and I needed to take action. Upon my consultation she recognized certain symptoms that she felt needed extra attention. She referred me to a colleague who was a specialist in the field of nutrition, and who also happened to be a practicing medical intuitive. About six months into my holistic healing journey I had some medical blood tests done by my primary care physician. The results were off, and after some digging into my history, I discovered that particular test result has been off since the very beginning of my illness. When I confronted the medical community about my test, I received a very downplayed, vague explanation. This made me think I was overreacting of course. Yet when I mentioned it to my chiropractor she immediately used her medical intuitive skills to determine that it was a folate issue. My body had lost its ability to methylate. She immediately recommended Agape to me. I cannot praise this product enough! I have been on Agape for about 6 months now, and if I miss a dose I know it! When I take Agape my mind is sharper, head clearer, and I feel energetic. I haven’t felt this way in many, many years! This product gives me something I thought I had lost — quality of life. Now I have a happy life! Thank you, Agape, thank you!


Our youngest has always struggled with behavior issues linked to autism, our doctor recommended adding Agape to his diet regimen. The results are nothing short of amazing. It has been over a year and the positive progress continues, in fact my wife and I couldn’t resist using it ourselves. I have tried more supplements than I want to admit, but this stuff actually helps both my various stats from my annual checkups to feeling great every day.

Wendy A

Great product

started using Agape about a month ago and I’ve seen positive changes on my son. Even his school has noticed that he’s become so much more verbal and his concentration is getting so much better which of course has helped in his learning progress. We are so happy with all his progress thus far and look forward to what’s left to come.


Unreal ingredients A+++++

The ingredients of this vitamin are just too perfect. I am a healthcare professional, never have I seen such an amazing vitamin that meets anyone’s RDA requirements. This is for my healthy 5 year old son with speech delays. I mixed it with a mango vitamin and he took 1/2 oz. without any issues, although he is very picky. I just cannot believe how amazing the customer service is, the shipping and the value for such a perfect vitamin!

Donna Dee

A great product!!!

I would like everyone to know that Agape Liquid Vitamin is an amazing product! I was experiencing serious health issues over two years ago. I was losing weight, my hair was thinning and my fingernails were very brittle. Since my stomach was very sensitive, using vitamins in pill form had an adverse affect. A friend suggested I try Agape by Awaken Nutrition, because it is soy and gluten free and is packaged in glass. Immediately upon starting this vitamin, I began to heal. My hair, nails and skin began to improve almost immediately. I had more energy as my body began to regain it’s balance. It has been over two year’s and I feel great. Although Agape is well known in the Autistic community, I believe it is a great product for everyone that has ultimate health in mind.

J. Esopo

Overall improvement

My family of 5 have been taking Agape for years. It is a life saver for my daughter. My husband and I have seen tremendous improvements. It is certainly worth the invest. It is certainly made with love!!! Thank you Kevin

Rasah Gonzales

The perfect Mito cocktail in a liquid form that my kiddo …

This vitamin nutritional complex is exactly what I’ve been searching for. The perfect Mito cocktail in a liquid form that my kiddo loves.

C. Roberts

it causes horrible behavioral problems

These vitamins, are a life saver! Literally, I have an autistic 6 year old son, with an extreme eating disorder. He only eats McDonalds Chicken nuggets with fries, and pasta. Three times in his life, he has become so malnutrition, it causes horrible behavioral problems. We dragged him to a nutritionist, and she recommended these vitamins. Within three months, our sons behavior was completely turned around! He immediately put on five healthy pounds, as his body is able to absorb nutrition better. (He was extremely skinny!) He is still an extreme picky eater, but he feels better, and I worry less with these vitamins!

Please be advised that results may vary. Consult your healthcare provider with any questions.