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The Awaken Vitamins have been a real benefit to our nine-year old daughter.

Over the years we've tried just about every "Autism Formulation" vitamin out there, and we haven't seen this kind of improvement from a vitamin since we first put her on Super Nu-THera when she was a toddler.

Not only have we seen better sleep, language, and behavior, but we just got some lab results back that indicate that your product dramatically reduced the oxidative stress level in her body. Thanks for a geat prodouct!

Maria, Phoenix AZ

I am grateful that such a high quality, well absorbed vitamin/mineral supplement is available for my child.

I am a parent of a 13 year old son named Stephen who has autism. Over the last 10 years since his diagnosis, we have experimented with several biomedical interventions to help Steve maximize his potential. All doctors who have studied autism acknowledge the vitamin and mineral deficiencies that tend to be present with children on the autism spectrum.

Prior to using Awaken's Vitamin and Mineral Formula, we were using Super Nu-Thera, since it is a well know mega-vitamin. Stephen sees a Kinesiologist on a regular basis and I took in samples of Super Nu-thera and Awaken's Formula for him to test. It was very clear after his assessment that Stephen would better absorb and benefit from the Awaken Vitamin and Mineral Formula.

Over the last year, since Stephen has been taking Awaken's products, he has been much healthier and he continues to grow developmentally. He is now in a specialized class in our local middle school, and doing quite well.

I am grateful that such a high quality, well absorbed vitamin/mineral supplement is available for my child. I strongly recommend you give it a try. The icing on the cake is that Stephen likes the taste.

Nancy Fuller, Cincinnati, OH

Heather Proud mom of Joshua

We have been on this journey of recovering our 5 year old son, Joshua, from autism for the past 2½ years. I don't have to tell anyone who is also on this same journey that treating autism is the labor of love, emphasis on both the labor and the love. Between the gluten free, casein free, soy free, nitrate free, everything free diet, the B12 shots, ABA , OT, speech, social training, the many many supplements... shall I go on? Taking care of our kids on the spectrum requires a lot of dedication, diligence, and in our case creativity.

Joshua seems to have the taste buds of a little culinary detective of sorts. At one point, we were on somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 supplements a day. I've lost count. Getting these supplements past his ever discerning little taste buds became quite a challenge. I would pour them into his juice, put them in his yogurt, slice open bananas and put them back together with supplements embedded. I was doing anything and everything I could to get these ever important meds down his little body. But, it seemed as soon as I would think I found a new trick, he would catch on to me. "No soap in my juice, mom!", he would say. Or, "this is yuck!" He became suspicious of every food or drink placed in front of him, examining it carefully and cautiously before taking that first bite. As a consequence, our compliance rate suffered. I have seen the benefits of biomedical intervention over the last 2 years. He has gone from a child with little eye contact, one word utterances and near non existent social skills, to one that interacts enthusiastically, albeit with some quirks, speaks full sentences and is in mainstream kindergarten. So, the fact that I couldn't get him to take his ever important supplements was distressing.

Then we were introduced to Agape. The name is so appropriate. It is truly unconditional love, as much for the parents as for the children I believe! I never thought a supplement could change my life, but this one did! Now rather than the crazy daily battle of sneaking in supplements, we simply take two tablespoons of orange "medicine juice" and we are just about done. I only have to add a probiotic and a little extra zinc. Easy as cake (GFCF cake of course) compared to what we had been doing! Now I have the confidence that my son is actually getting the nutrients he needs on a regular basis. And, from his perspective, he can now approach his meals without the trepidation and suspicion that he once had. No more "soap in his juice" and strange tasting bananas! Thanks, Dr. Schneider for your "unconditional love"!

CJ's Story

My daughter's autism is complicated by seizures, mitochondrial problems, bowel disease, and multiple food allergies. It has been extremely difficult to find supplements that are potent enough to improve her medical conditions, yet hypoallergenic enough for her to actually tolerate. Since starting Agape, her mitochondrial function has normalized, her seizures have become rare, and she is more talkative and interactive. It is obviously a better match for her than anything she has taken in the past, and we have tried every quality supplement available. It is also wonderful to finally find a vitamin packaged in glass, since my daughter has multiple chemical sensitivities and we avoid plastic whenever possible. Thank you for a supplement that has made a meaningful difference in her health.

Jonathan (an adult with Autism on our products since 2007)

Since I started taking the Vitamin and Mineral Liquids, I've had more energy during the day. I can concentrate better and myself abusive behavior has diminished.

The Fullen's

Being a parent and hearing "my legs hurt, they ache" close to every night is unbareable. Upon trying the liquid calcium the hurting stopped both physically and emotionally. Seeing the results my husband and I tried it.

WOW! the aches and pains stopped. I believe this liquid calcium gives our bodies something that is missing. Thank you so much AWAKEN NUTRITION. You have "awaken" the Fullen Family we play more and complain less.

Jill B.
Minooka, IL

I am amazed at what Awaken has done for not only our son, but essentially our entire family.  Our son, is 10 years old.  At age 4, he brought him to a phsycologist, because we knew something was "wrong" with him.  He was a very aggressive, hyper boy, since basically birth.  He was diagnosed with ADHD, and the nightmare began.  He was put on several "typical" ADHD medicine.  Some made him withdrawn/depressed.  Some made him more hyper.  Some did nothing.  He finally ended up on Concerta(long lasting Ritalin).  It seemed to control his impulsiveness, and his hyperness.  But, what it did to his personality, was heartbreaking.  He had no self esteem.  He was afraid to be himself. At least while the medicine was in his system.  When it wore off in the evening, he was more himself, but the mood swings were intense.  It was almost as though he was "coming down". He was irretable and moody.

We decided to take him off of his medication this past summer.  He became a happy, pleasant boy.  But, when school started, he had a terrible time concentrating, and controling his actions.  He was getting in trouble and his grades were poor.  So, once again, we put him back on the Concerta.  His moodiness because of the Concerta still got him into trouble, and he started losing friends. During Christmas break, I had spoken to a friend, whose son was on Awaken.  She suggested that I give it a try.  We took him off of his medicine, and tried the vitamin/mineral supplement.  It didn't take long to notice a change, however small it was in the beginning.  He was happier, more outgoing. He didn't fight with his siblings every day over small things.  We went to his conference this past week with his teacher.  She said "whatever you have been doing with him since Christmas break, keep doing it.  He is a joy to have in class, he tries to do his best at his schoolwork.  He is getting along with everyone in the class".  I don't believe in miracle medicine, and we do still have bad days.  But, the change in my son, in every aspect of his life, I believe, is because of Awaken.  He is more confident at his wrestling tournaments, his school work. Just every day life.  I thank you, for this product.  And ultimately, giving us our son back!

Michele & Tom

Our son Dylan has been receiving the vitamin mineral supplement from Awaken Nutrition per the recommendation of Liz Geis since May of 2008, his battle with Autism has been tremendously uplifting. He entered a three month study in February of 2008 with Arizona State University in conjunction with James Adams.

At the conclusion of the study, we received word he had been ingesting the actual supplement and not the placebo. He was then giving daily doses of the vitamin/mineral supplement from Awaken Nutrition. Dylan's mental as well as physical progress has been second to none since the initial start of the supplement. The changes in him have been phenomenal in the aspects of his mental, social, digestive, sleep, eating habits and oral communication. Our son verbalized approximately ten key words back in December 2007.

Dylan's speech was almost nonexistent and when he did speak, the words were not in the correct context. Now he is speaking in complete sentences and his context is correct. His teachers and therapists are in complete awe in his progression since participating in the study with the vitamin mineral as well as the product he is consuming from Awaken. Dylan struggled with irregular bowel movements prior to this also. He would constantly have green stool and bouts with diarrhea. Our own family doctor was consulted and he arrived at the conclusion that there wasn't anything unusual. Now he has normal bowel movements on a daily basis. Dylan's appetite has increased ten fold. He was a very selective eater and was not gaining weight for a boy his age.

Currently he has eaten a myriad of foods and is climbing into the normal weight class for a boy his height and age. Dylan is constantly active with people. He understands taking turns, and taking suggestions when interacting with others. These skills were not present prior to the supplement. This has helped him excel at school and at home with his family. He loves to play games with his older sister and their relationship has reached new levels. Before the study, Dylan and his older sister were coexisting and now with the growth of his social skills the two of them are achieving the typical family relationship. The tension of dealing with mental breakdown and non verbal communication in our household are to a minimum which has helped us grow in his battle with autism. We feel this plateau would have not been reached without the help of James Adams and Awaken Nutrition