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Awaken Liquid Vitamins and Minerals.

The most complete nutritional and therapeutic product formulated for the specific needs of those affected by the family of behavioral disorders which include ADHD, Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

Awaken Liquid Vitamins and Minerals Certified Gluten Free, Casein Free. Scientifically Formulated.

A small pilot study by James Adams and collaborators at Arizona State University with 7 children found that the Awaken Nutrition product was well absorbed, improved vitamin and mineral levels, significantly reduced the level of toxic metals in red blood cells (especially lead and arsenic), somewhat improved urinary porphyrin levels (indicative of mercury and lead in the kidney), and somewhat improved neurotransmitter levels.
Overall, parents reported good improvements in most areas, especially in sleep, sociability and general behavior.

The Awaken Vitamins have been a real benefit to our nine-year old daughter.
Over the years we've tried just about every "Autism Formulation" vitamin out there, and we haven't seen this kind of improvement from a vitamin since we first put her on Super Nu-THera when she was a toddler.
Not only have we seen better sleep, language, and behavior, but we just got some lab results back that indicate that your product dramatically reduced the oxidative stress level in her body. Thanks for a geat prodouct!
Maria, Phoenix AZ

I am grateful that such a high quality, well absorbed vitamin/mineral supplement is available for my child.
I am a parent of a 13 year old son named Stephen who has autism. Over the last 10 years since his diagnosis, we have experimented with several biomedical interventions to help Steve maximize his potential. All doctors who have studied autism acknowledge the vitamin and mineral deficiencies that tend to be present with children on the autism spectrum.
Prior to using Awaken's Vitamin and Mineral Formula, we were using Super Nu-Thera, since it is a well know mega-vitamin. Stephen sees a Kinesiologist on a regular basis and I took in samples of Super Nu-thera and Awaken's Formula for him to test. It was very clear after his assessment that Stephen would better absorb and benefit from the Awaken Vitamin and Mineral Formula.
Over the last year, since Stephen has been taking Awaken's products, he has been much healthier and he continues to grow developmentally. He is now in a specialized class in our local middle school, and doing quite well.
I am grateful that such a high quality, well absorbed vitamin/mineral supplement is available for my child. I strongly recommend you give it a try. The icing on the cake is that Stephen likes the taste.
Nancy, Cincinnati, OH